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About us


We established our ski school in 2009 and since then we welcome all of our snow sport loving friend.

Our aim is to supply a regular sport possibility to our disciples where they can get to know the basics of winter sports in a funny and enjoyable way.

Our artificial plastic slope is equipped with modern lighting and lift system, it provides a great facility for beginners as well as advanced skiers, for adults and children too, to practice their ski skills without reference to the weather, and to prepare for ski tours organised by our ski school.

Our professional instructors teach the basics of ski and snowboard as well as the usage and rules of the lift during 55 minutes lessons.

During our beginner and advanced, private and group lessons we consider individual claims of our disciples, so that later they can enjoy the sliding on each kind of slope.

In our ski school doing sport is always a fun, common activity too. Our team provide varied programs during the whole year.

Pasaréti ski school is a member at 4seasons ski schools franchise group. Equal to that fact our slope, technical and professional niveau is as high as 4seasons slope at Pestszentlőrinc.

The slope was made by an Italian factory named Neveplast, which is nowadays the most modern artificial slope cover and its conditions are very similar to snowy downhills. More info:

The lift was made by the Austrian Sunkid company, a combined grip and buttonlift model, which helps to teach the uses of drawing lifts in a safe way. More info:

Equipment: Head Carvig Skies with tyrolia bindings

                        Head skiboots, helmets and skipoles

                        More info:,